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Goat Supply Catalogues and Informational Books

Goat Health Handbook
By Dr. Thomas Thedford
Goat Husbandry
By David Mackenzie

**Goat Medicine
By Mary C. Smith and David M. Sherman
Lea & Febiger Publishing

Nutrient Requirements of
Subcommittee on Animal Nut.
National Academy Press, 1981

Basic Butchering of Livestock
And Game
By John Mettler, Jr.

Raising Meat Goats for Profit
By Gail Bowman

The Goatkeeper's Veterinary Book
By Peter Dunn

Your Goats
By Gail Damerow

Tan Your Hide!
By Phyllis Hobson

Goat Breeds of the World
By Valerie Porter
Caprine Cooking
By Mary Jane Toth
Diseases and Disorders of Sheep and Goats
By Karl A. Linklater

Goat Keeping 101
By Caprine Supply, 1998

Country Tales

by Gail Bowman

Boer and Meat Goat Associations:
American Boer Goat Associatioon
American Meat Goat Association
Boer Goat Breeders Association of South Africa
Boer Goat Breeders Assoc of Austrailia
Canadian Boer Goat Association
Mills County Meat Goat Association , Goldthwaite TX
International Boer Goat Association
US Boer Goat Association (The IBGA)
American Livestock Supply
KV Vet Supply Company
Caprine Supply 800-646-7736 (Phone orders)
Nasco Wisconsin 920-563-2446
California 209-545-1600
D.M. Peifer Supplies
Omaha Vaccine Company
Hoegger Supply Co.
PBS Livestock Health
Jeffers Vet Supply
Meadow Mate Products
Sydell Inc. (Equipment)

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