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Plants Poisonous to Livestock List

It is unusual for goats to become poisoned by eating hazardous plants, because goats are browsers; they eat a bite of this and then a bite of that. If something bothers them, they normally just don’t go back to it. However, if a goat is hungry, or inexperienced, it can poison itself by being a glutton.

Here is a list of plants that are poisonous to a greater or lesser extent. It would be a good idea to avoid them all.

Hazardous Plants:

Aconite Alder
Arum Azaleas
Anemone Bracken
Beet Leaves Black Nightshade
Broom Butterbur
Buttercup Buckthorn
Box Byrony
Celandine Charlock
Cupresses Daffodil
Dogs Mercury Deadly Nightshade
Ergot Foxglove
Fools Parsley Fungi
Ground Ivy Gladiolus
Gourds Hellebores
Hemlock Holm Oak
Horsetail Iris
Juniper Knotgrass
Knotweed Kingcup
Laburnum Locoweed
Lords and Ladies Lilac
Lupins (yellow) Marsh Mallow
Mangold Leaves Milkweed
Mountain Laurel Mulleins
Nightshades (all) Old Mans Beard
Poppy Pennycress
Privet Potato Tops
Pines Ragwort
Rhododendron Rhubarb Leaves
Rush Spindle berry, branch & Lvs
Spurge Laurel Thorn Apple
Tansy Tomato Greenstuff
Tormentil Waterdrop Wort
Yellow Flag Wild Cherry, wilted
Living Food Bars
Living Food Bars